We have Nine Core Values at our Group, which are:


-         Ambition: As there are footprints on the moon; the sky is no longer the limit. We always aim high as an organization and we instill the same in our employees as they are responsible for translating our organizational objectives into reality.

 -         Leadership: We see ourselves as a prominent organization which is a leader in its field of operations, and so we always select the high potential employees and nurture them into perfection as top performers. Every one of our employees is a leader in his/her own position who can bring us closer to achieving our vision.

 -         Diversity: When it comes to our workforce; we believe in employees’ diversity in every possible criterion, including but not limited to gender, nationality, and religion. We firmly believe that this contributes significantly to the richness of our corporate culture as we cherish the differences; not only the similarities. Also, we keep on travelling to different countries in search for new systems, techniques, and materials and we collaborate with more than a 250 different suppliers worldwide to ensure that we deliver the highest standards of quality to our valued customers.

-         Objective-Driven: Our people management practices are based on Management by Objectives (MBOs) as we evaluate our employees based on results rather than actions. We empower them to take their own decisions on how to best serve the organizational objectives and spare no effort on guidance and follow ups.

-         Upskilling: We actively seek opportunities to build up our employees’ capabilities and expand their horizons when it comes to both of technical and interpersonal skills. This is crucial to position ourselves as a learning organization in order to maintain our competitive advantage in the local market.

-         Support: We foster a support culture across all the organizational levels in order to instill teamwork and collaboration, so it is reflected on all organizational stakeholders, including but not limited to Management, Employees, Customers, and Suppliers. We give support and we, also, seek support as we are one big family.

-         Adaptability: We believe that we have to be quick in responding to new changes around us and demonstrate continued resilience. We are never in the Comfort Zone as nothing ever is achieved there. We continually modify our products and come up with new ones to fulfill the different needs of our valued customers.

-         Recognition: We celebrate all the achievements of our employees regardless whether they are small accomplishments or significant milestones. Appreciating is a key component is our Total Rewards Strategy.

-         Innovation: As we believe that those employees closest to a task fully understand it and so can enhance it much better than anyone else in the organization. Therefore, we continually encourage new initiatives coming from our employees aimed at the continuous improvement for all our processes; be it managerial or technical.